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Cheap Kitchen Improvements That Will Increase Safety for Your Mom

Falls within a home happens most often in the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The kitchen is often an area that surprises people. Kitchens can be dangerous areas. If water spills onto the floor while cooking a meal or washing dishes, the linoleum or tile flooring can become slippery. Reaching into high cupboards to get items may have people climbing onto chairs or counters.


Caregiver in Vestavia AL: Kitchen Safety

Caregiver in Vestavia AL: Kitchen Safety



You’ve been working on fall prevention in your mom’s house. The kitchen isn’t an area you’ve touched yet. To make changes that increase safety, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.


-Kitchen Mats

Place an anti-fatigue floor mat in front of the sink. First, these mats are skid-resistant, so you make it safer for your mom while she’s doing dishes. Second, they heal ease pain when standing in place for a longer period of time than normal.


-Sliding Drawer Pot Racks

Some cabinets extend too far back. Corner cabinets are one example. A lazy susan cabinet may help, but sliding drawer pot racks are better. Instead of having to reach back, your mom pulls the pot rack out to her and easily gets the pot or lid she needs.


-Magnet Strips

Where does your mom keep her spices? If they’re in a cupboard, she may be climbing up to reach items pushed back. Put up magnet strips on the wall below her upper cabinets. Purchase metal spice pots or jars. The spice stick to the magnetic strips for easy retrieval and out-of-the-way storage. You can do the same with knives.


-Portable Induction Burners

Your mom has a hard time carrying a pot of cooked pasta from her stove to her sink to drain it. An induction burner is the perfect solution. Place a portable single-burner unit near her counter. Electromagnetic fields transfer to the induction pot and cook foods. The glass burner never gets hot, so she can’t burn herself touching the stove top.


Heighten safety by having a companion around to help your mom during meals. Caregivers sent by a senior care agency offer dozens of helpful services in addition to companionship. You could ask the senior care specialist walk through your mom’s home and point out other ways to help prevent a fall. Call now to discuss all of the services senior care provides.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Caregiver in Vestavia, AL, please contact the caring staff at Senior Legacy Care today. Call us at (205) 380-7418.



Susan Smith

Susan Smith is the owner of Senior Legacy, an independent non-medical senior in home care business.She began her entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago by opening an accounting firm in 2005.In November of 2015 a very dear friend and client passed away, Steve Baldwin.Mr. Baldwin owned and operated a successful senior home care business in the Birmingham area. Susan had spent many hours over a span of several years with Mr. Baldwin discussing, strategizing and learning the senior care industry with him. After his passing, Susan’s heart went out to his clients and their caregivers.Her wish was to continue the caring legacy that he had shared with her.In October of 2016, Susan purchased and renamed the business to Senior Legacy to honor her old friend and as a reminder that pouring our lives into others is our true legacy.

Susan still owns and operates a successful accounting firm in Pelham.She believes that the combination of her business experience and compassion for others is a perfect blend to grow Senior Legacy into a leader in the senior home care industry.Susan is committed to the further growth of Senior Legacy’s clients, employees, and surrounding community.

Susan has four wonderful children, and three amazing grandkids.She loves spending time with her family and enjoys traveling and gardening in her down time.