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5 Signs of Exhaustion in Family Caregivers

Exhaustion is a state of constant weariness, both physical and emotional.
It is common in family caregivers who are exposed to extreme stress and lasting fatigue that comes from worry and work when taking care of an elderly relative. Exhaustion is a symptom of caregiver burnout, which can affect a person’s health negatively and lead to anxiety and depression.


Home Care in Birmingham AL: Caregiver Exhaustion

Home Care in Birmingham AL: Caregiver Exhaustion



Exhaustion is more than just being tired and cannot be relieved just by getting a good night’s sleep. In order for family caregivers to stop being exhausted, they need to implement some lifestyle changes that reduce or eliminate sources of stress. Many family caregivers discover that hiring elderly care providers to share the load works to bring balance to their lives.


Family caregivers become so exhausted because the work they are doing is physically, emotionally and mentally draining.
Aging adults that reach the point of needing in-home care are usually dealing with chronic health issues that affect their mobility and independence. Injury, disease, chronic conditions, and age-related issues can all take a toll on their health and wellness. Emotional issues like depression, grief, worry, fear and more can transform personalities and make interactions challenging. If the senior is dealing with cognitive decline, that can present even more difficulties for family caregivers. It’s no wonder that having an elderly care provider to share the load can help family caregivers deal with exhaustion.


Here are 5 signs that family caregivers may be dealing with chronic exhaustion instead of just feeling tired from time to time.


-Lack of focus: With exhaustion, the mind is so tired that it’s all a person can do to go throughout the day on autopilot. Many family caregivers describe exhaustion as living in a fog. Because they are denying their brain adequate rest, neither function properly for long.


-Diminished energy: Without regular rest, a family caregiver can soon discover they have little energy to do the daily tasks they need to. Often with exhaustion, family caregivers neglect to eat healthy, instead of binging on junk food. Exercise and restful sleep also usually fall by the wayside, leading to a worn-out body with bad habits.


-Weakened immune system: Exhaustion goes hand-in-hand with a weakened immune system. Many family caregivers in an exhausted state find that they are constantly sick, picking up every little cold that comes through the community. Exhaustion can also lead to other health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease, and migraines.


-Mental health issues: It’s common for people with exhaustion to slide into depression because they are not practicing the self-care they need to stay mentally healthy. Feelings of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness are common in those suffering from both exhaustion and depression.


-Mistakes and accidents: Exhaustion means that a family caregiver is wide open to make mistakes, whether it’s from forgetting about medication for their aging a loved one or operating a vehicle when they are too tired. Family caregivers need to get their exhaustive state under control before something serious and negative happens to themselves or their loved one.


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Susan Smith

Susan Smith is the owner of Senior Legacy, an independent non-medical senior in home care business.She began her entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago by opening an accounting firm in 2005.In November of 2015 a very dear friend and client passed away, Steve Baldwin.Mr. Baldwin owned and operated a successful senior home care business in the Birmingham area. Susan had spent many hours over a span of several years with Mr. Baldwin discussing, strategizing and learning the senior care industry with him. After his passing, Susan’s heart went out to his clients and their caregivers.Her wish was to continue the caring legacy that he had shared with her.In October of 2016, Susan purchased and renamed the business to Senior Legacy to honor her old friend and as a reminder that pouring our lives into others is our true legacy.

Susan still owns and operates a successful accounting firm in Pelham.She believes that the combination of her business experience and compassion for others is a perfect blend to grow Senior Legacy into a leader in the senior home care industry.Susan is committed to the further growth of Senior Legacy’s clients, employees, and surrounding community.

Susan has four wonderful children, and three amazing grandkids.She loves spending time with her family and enjoys traveling and gardening in her down time.