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What Changes Should You Expect After Your Dad’s Stroke?

It’s estimated that around 795,000 men and women have a stroke each year.
Strokes can happen at any age. The recent announcement that 52-year-old actor Luke Perry reportedly suffered a stroke drives that point home. When a stroke happens to your dad, you’re already scared, and that makes it hard to focus on the things you need to immediately think about for the future.


Home Care in Vestavia AL: After Stroke Care

Home Care in Vestavia AL: After Stroke Care

Types of Strokes

There are five kinds of strokes.

A transient ischemic attack (TIA) is known as a mini-stroke. It occurs when a blood clot temporarily causes a blockage. It’s usually a precursor to a stroke and needs to be treated by a doctor.

A hemorrhagic stroke involves a brain bleed caused by a ruptured blood vessel within the brain. It’s usually caused by high blood pressure that is not being treated.

An ischemic stroke is caused by blood clots in the brain’s blood vessels. It’s the most common type of stroke.

A cryptogenic stroke, while not as common, is a stroke where the cause is undetermined. Something causes the blood from flowing in the brain, but tests don’t show what caused it.

Finally, a brain stem stroke occurs when the stroke takes place in the brain stem. This usually leaves the patient unable to move below the neck or be able to speak.


What Happens After a Stroke?

When a stroke occurs, the loss of abilities depends on which side of the brain the blockage or rupture was. On the left side, there is generally a partial or full loss of the ability to speak. Movements of arms and legs are impacted with either side. Loss of muscle control in the face is also common.

A stroke in either side of the brain can lead to memory loss and behavioral changes. On the right side, vision can be affected. It can be hard for the person who had the stroke to swallow, which increases the risk of aspiration pneumonia.

What Should You Plan For?

Your dad will be in the hospital for several days. If aspiration pneumonia occurs, he may be sedated and treated with medications to help fight the infection. Respiratory therapists will clear his airways and help him with breathing exercises to help clear out the mucus.

Once he’s stable, he will be moved to a rehabilitation wing where he will go through exercises to regain mobility. The severity of the stroke will impact how long he’ll need therapeutic services.

Back at home, he’s going to need help. You will need senior care aides to help him get out of bed, take showers, handle grooming routines, clean his home, and prepare his meals. He’ll need someone to drive him around. He’ll need help with stairs, getting out of chairs, and getting daily exercise.

As soon as he has a stroke, call a senior care agency to arrange the care he’ll need when he’s home. You’ll be able to reduce the level of services as his mobility improves.


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Susan Smith

Susan Smith is the owner of Senior Legacy, an independent non-medical senior in home care business.She began her entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago by opening an accounting firm in 2005.In November of 2015 a very dear friend and client passed away, Steve Baldwin.Mr. Baldwin owned and operated a successful senior home care business in the Birmingham area. Susan had spent many hours over a span of several years with Mr. Baldwin discussing, strategizing and learning the senior care industry with him. After his passing, Susan’s heart went out to his clients and their caregivers.Her wish was to continue the caring legacy that he had shared with her.In October of 2016, Susan purchased and renamed the business to Senior Legacy to honor her old friend and as a reminder that pouring our lives into others is our true legacy.

Susan still owns and operates a successful accounting firm in Pelham.She believes that the combination of her business experience and compassion for others is a perfect blend to grow Senior Legacy into a leader in the senior home care industry.Susan is committed to the further growth of Senior Legacy’s clients, employees, and surrounding community.

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