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Are Your Mom’s Dietary Needs Different After 70?

Your nutritional needs change over time. After menopause, your mom’s dietary needs do change. She doesn’t need as many calories. Calcium and vitamin D may become an issue. Here are the things you should ask her doctor about her diet.



Home Health Care in Birmingham AL: Senior Nutrition

Home Health Care in Birmingham AL: Senior Nutrition


How Many Calories Are Appropriate?

You should ask her doctor about caloric intake because it varies depending on her health. If she is overweight, she may need to cut calories while increasing exercise. If her mobility is limited, she will need fewer calories than someone who is very active.

After the age of 69, the USDA recommends that women who are not active consume about 1,600 calories a day. For a very active senior who walks more than three miles each day at a steady rate, the calorie intake increases to 2,000. If your mom falls in between sedentary and active, she should aim for 1,800 calories.


What Food Groups Should She Focus On?

After the age of 51, your mom needs to pay attention to certain nutrients. She should aim for 22 grams of dietary fiber each day. Her diet shouldn’t have more than 46 grams of protein. She’s at a point where she needs to aim for 1,200 milligrams of calcium each day. Potassium is also important.

To meet these goals, she should eat a varied diet that includes a lot of vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins that includes fish that is rich in fatty acids. She needs to limit sugar, refined grains, and saturated fats.

She should aim for 2,300 milligrams of sodium each day, but her doctor may need to her to watch that carefully if she has certain health conditions. Make sure you’ve discussed sodium intake with her doctor if she has heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney disease.


Is Calcium a Concern?

Has your mom been tested for bone density? Osteoporosis is a risk many senior citizens face. If her bones are thinning, her doctor may want her to increase vitamin D and calcium intake. Medications to help strengthen bones are also something your mom may be asked to take.

She can get calcium and vitamin D from dairy products and enriched breakfast cereals. Some fruit juices are also enriched with calcium. Orange juice is one example.

If your mom no longer cooks, there are alternatives to freezer meals and takeout. Elderly care aides can help your mom choose a weekly menu, shop for groceries, and prepare meals for her. The caregivers can also eat with her if she prefers dining with someone. Call an elderly care agency to talk about meal preparation services and caregivers.


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Susan Smith is the owner of Senior Legacy, an independent non-medical senior in home care business.She began her entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago by opening an accounting firm in 2005.In November of 2015 a very dear friend and client passed away, Steve Baldwin.Mr. Baldwin owned and operated a successful senior home care business in the Birmingham area. Susan had spent many hours over a span of several years with Mr. Baldwin discussing, strategizing and learning the senior care industry with him. After his passing, Susan’s heart went out to his clients and their caregivers.Her wish was to continue the caring legacy that he had shared with her.In October of 2016, Susan purchased and renamed the business to Senior Legacy to honor her old friend and as a reminder that pouring our lives into others is our true legacy.

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