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How is Glaucoma Detected?

Glaucoma affects approximately 3 million people throughout the United States.
This disease is the result of optic nerve damage and is the leading cause of blindness throughout the country, particularly among blacks, who are at fifteen times the risk of going blind from this disease than whites.

HomeCare in Pelham AL: Glaucoma

HomeCare in Pelham AL: Glaucoma


As a family caregiver, it is important to realize that the earliest stages of glaucoma do not have any symptoms.
Your senior is unlikely to experience any pain or discomfort in their eyes, and very early in the disease will not have any changes in their vision. If left untreated, however, the disease can lead to irreversible blindness.

This likely leads you to wonder how the disease is detected.

As a family caregiver you want to make sure your senior gets all the care they need when dealing with a health issue, but without symptoms and challenges, you may not understand how your senior could get early detection of the disease. Fortunately, the answer lies in a basic element of preventative health intervention, regular eye examinations. Ensuring your senior gets to the eye doctor regularly ensures the doctor can monitor your senior’s inner eye structure, giving insight to the changes that indicate glaucoma so they can get on a method of treatment and management that is right for them as an individual.

The disease is detected during a dilated eye exam.

During this examination, the doctor will determine your senior’s accuracy in both center and peripheral vision, the thickness of the cornea, the pressure inside the eye, and if there is any damage to the optic nerve. This information combined can indicate the presence of glaucoma or indicate risk factors that may show your parent may develop this condition later. It is important to talk to their eye doctor to find out how often your senior should go in for an examination and what they can do to reduce their risk between examinations.


If your aging parent has recently been diagnosed with a new health issue or has been struggling with increased symptoms and challenges, now may be the ideal time for you to consider start senior care for them.
A senior home care services provider can step in to provide personalized, dedicated care services tailored specifically to your loved one and their needs. This means they will get the support and assistance that is right for them while also having the opportunity to pursue as much independence and autonomy as possible as they age in place. As their family caregiver, this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing they can live their best life even as their needs increase.


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Susan Smith

Susan Smith is the owner of Senior Legacy, an independent non-medical senior in home care business.She began her entrepreneurial journey more than a decade ago by opening an accounting firm in 2005.In November of 2015 a very dear friend and client passed away, Steve Baldwin.Mr. Baldwin owned and operated a successful senior home care business in the Birmingham area. Susan had spent many hours over a span of several years with Mr. Baldwin discussing, strategizing and learning the senior care industry with him. After his passing, Susan’s heart went out to his clients and their caregivers.Her wish was to continue the caring legacy that he had shared with her.In October of 2016, Susan purchased and renamed the business to Senior Legacy to honor her old friend and as a reminder that pouring our lives into others is our true legacy.

Susan still owns and operates a successful accounting firm in Pelham.She believes that the combination of her business experience and compassion for others is a perfect blend to grow Senior Legacy into a leader in the senior home care industry.Susan is committed to the further growth of Senior Legacy’s clients, employees, and surrounding community.

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